Are you looking for something a little different?

Then welcome to Potion PR

Potion PR is a small and independent UK PR agency based in the Thames Valley. 

We provide UK PR support to interesting companies who value honesty, integrity, strategy and hard work above PR puff. Most of them are in the technology and innovation space, but by no means all. Some of them are large, many of them are small or startup companies. We can work on budgets big or small!

Our clients value these things about us:

  • our HONESTY (which means we tell the truth, even when it is inconvenient. We even say 'no' quite a lot, if it is the right thing to say)
  • our HARD WORK (which means we don't let go, once the bit is between our teeth)
  • our UNDERSTANDING (especially of complex business and technical topics, but we apply the hard work principle to make sure we understand whatever our clients' businesses are)
  • our STRATEGIC THINKING (we like to think big, laterally and from different directions to find that one perfect route to goal for your campaign)
  • our ENTHUSIASM (which is real, never faked and, frankly, occasionally a bit OTT. We take on clients with PR challenges that excite and enthuse us)
  • our SKILL-SET (which spans brilliant writing and editorial content work, gorgeous design and graphics, solid media and PR, effective telemarketing and more)
  • our FLEXIBILITY (we can adapt to different types of marketing need whether it's pure PR, a writing challenge, a branding job or a mix of PR, social and marketing)
  • our COST (we can do amazing work for for a fraction of the cost of large agencies, mainly because we believe in wasting not a penny, or a minute, of your precious resource)

We sit at the heart of our own international PR network of affiliate agencies and PR consulting friends, which gives us the ability to think, plan and execute big and international campaigns too - but without being a large, expensive company.

If you like the sound of that, please call Sue Rizzello on 0203 137 8165 or email sue@potionpr.com

We'd love to hear from you!