The amazing growth of Twitter

A PR agency is always looking for new and exciting ways to launch a campaign. Some will hold unique events or perhaps organise a PR stunt to get everyone talking. There are so many methods to use when you are carrying out a PR campaign and new tools are always emerging to help with this. Social media has become incredibly important to public relations companies in recent years and Twitter is one of the most widely used social media tools to promote a company or a brand. The growth of Twitter has been astonishing and earlier this month, the site celebrated the 25 billionth tweet. This is an impressive fact in itself. But what’s more fascinating is that it took three years and eight months for the site to get to ten billion. But the second ten billion took just four months. It’s growth has been rapid and constantly getting quicker and it is estimated that there are, on average, over 1000 tweets that go live every second. When launching a PR campaign, it would be wrong to ignore such a powerful tool. But of course, a PR agency will always be on the lookout for new and exciting ways of conducting a PR campaign. Share this