The changing scene in the PR industry

There has been plenty of discussion recently as to whether the PR industry is now changing beyond recognition. Of course, it’s changing with the explosion of social media and the influence of sites such as Twitter. But the PR industry is as strong as ever and PR agencies can choose simplyto embrace social media as a new tool if they wish to. The PR industry has seen a shift recently and some public relations agencies are finding that whereas they may have used a press release as part of a PR campaign in the past, they are now using social media instead or as well as the traditional press release method. With Facebook and Twitter, a PR agency can reach thousands of people instantly. These tools can help to build a brand and send out a message for a client and lots of PR agencies are taking advantage of this. Which tool would be most appropriate for a PR campaign depends upon the type of client, brand or service that is being represented . But social media hasn’t taken the place of any of the traditional methods; it can simply be used to work alongside them for an even more powerful and successful campaign. Share this