The perfect PR campaign carried out by Google

If there’s one company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to public relations, it’s Google. And that has been perfectly displayed by their recent PR campaign to launch the new and exciting Google Instant search engine. With the press conference having already taken place, we can now look back on what turned out to be a really clever PR campaign. But at the time, it was unclear what was going on with Google. A few days ago, office workers all over the world were treated to an interactive Google logo when they opened up the search engine. There were coloured bubbles making up the logo, which moved all over the page when you moved your mouse over them. Shortly after this, the Google logo turned grey and lit up in its traditional colours as you typed out your search. Speculation was rife across the world as people tried to work out what this was all about. What did it mean? There were blogs commenting on it and Twitter was overwhelmed with rumours of what it was all leading to. Just a few hours later, a press conference was held and thanks to their PR campaign, everyone was listening. People wanted to have the mystery solved for them and finally find out what it all meant. What an excellent example of how to launch a product. Get people talking about it and when they are all ready to listen, make the announcement. With their clever approach to this launch, Google have the very best chances of success with Google Instant. Share this