The powers of social media

It can take one event to show you just how powerful social media can be, and, recently, that event was the shocking story of the woman who put a pet cat in a wheelie bin. It may not seem to have much to do with your company or your brand, but the way that this story unfolded can teach you a lot about public relations and the power of social media. On the day that the story broke, if you started to type woman into Google search, the title ‘woman puts cat in bin’ came up. And this appeared as soon as you typed the first three letters. This just proves how very powerful social media can be. Just imagine if your company or brand had been the subject of this search that 1.97 million people made. On the day that the story broke, it was number one in the Google search. More than 50,000 people had watched the video on YouTube and 1000 comments had been made on Facebook regarding the story. This huge media storm would not have been the same if it was simply left to the newspapers. The power of social media made it into what it was and that is something that all companies should learn from in terms of their PR strategy. Share this