July 2010

Work as a team with your PR agency

You may be the expert when it comes to your industry, but if you’re asked to write down all the latest news from your company, you don’t know where to begin. And you certainly don’t know how to get the news out to the right people. This is where a PR agency comes in. You and the PR consultancy can work together as a team with you offering the inside knowledge on your industry and the news within it and the public relations company offering the creativity and the expertise on marketing and communications.

The best results with a PR company

When you employ a PR agency, one of the things you are paying for is their expertise and knowledge of relevant media relations. They understand the media and they can act as the bridge between you and the right editors and journalists who can make a difference to your business. You can discuss journals and publications with your public relations company and decide who you want to target and how often you need to do this. The great thing about a PR consultancy is that they will have that all important ‘news sense’.

Spend your money wisely; spend it on PR

Most small businesses are running on a relatively tight budget; particularly as they slowly recover from the recession. So they are constantly looking for ways in which to raise their profile without blowing their budget. For most companies, advertising is the obvious way to make people aware of their services, but public relations can be much more effective and at a much better price. In fact, PR can be so powerful that even Bill Gates once said: ‘If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR’.

PR can turn around a potentially damaging situation

As well as building up a successful image for you and your company, a PR company can also be vital for protecting that image when times are hard. A PR consultancy will know exactly how to handle any situation and their advice could be the thing that turns the public’s perception around when it comes to situations that could potentially damage your company’s reputation. Take for example, the problems that Apple has experienced recently with their iPhone 4 model.

Will work for food ... not!

A study published by High Fliers Research (The UK Graduate Careers Survey) revealed that many University leavers will face stiff competition for graduate jobs this summer. Even though employers are set to take on 17.9 percent more graduates than last year, there are still 45 applicants on average chasing every graduate job and the field of PR is no exception. Moreover, the study suggests that many organisations have already filled their graduate positions for 2010.

Working effectively with your PR agency

In order to get the most from your public relations agency, you need to build a good relationship with them. You also need to allow them access to your company to ensure that they can get familiar with it. The PR consultancy will need to get to know your company really well if it’s going to have the best chance of getting the right message across.

The value of a PR agency in times of crisis

As we have seen recently with BP, sometimes a company’s reputation can be seriously damaged and there isn’t much anyone can do to stop the damage being done. But, a PR agency can dramatically reduce the long lasting impact of this damage and can really help to turn around the negative press that a company receives. In a case such as BP’s the focus should be on damage limitations, and this is where the expertise and knowledge offered by a PR consultancy can be invaluable. If your company has been involved in some sort of crisis or scandal, then it might be tempting to be very vague abo

Making an interview work for you as well as the journalist

The prospect of being interviewed by a journalist can be really daunting and scary. But with the help of your PR consultancy, you can really spin the interview around and look at it as a way of improving your image and getting your message across. Your PR agency can prepare you for the interview and tell you exactly how to handle the journalist and how to handle the interview. How you do this will depend on the type of interview it is and what it is for. Rather than focussing on what the journalist wants, look at the interview as a way of getting what you want.

Make your new business a success

Starting a new business is a huge challenge. There is a struggle to find the investment, a struggle to find the time and the main struggle – to build a reputation. For this, PR is vital. A PR agency is able to really help you reach an audience and most importantly, build a customer base. It is really important that you build a relationship with your potential customers and that is exactly what a PR agency can do. The first thing a PR agency will focus on is your image and your brand.

Get your message across

PR can work wonders for a business – particularly when times are tough. When advertising can seem too obvious, PR is the best way to get your message across subtly and improve your image. With the right PR agency taking the right approach for you, you can reach the right people and the message that you are putting across seems far more credible when a PR campaign is used rather than straight forward advertising which can so often be dismissed. The perception that people have of your company and your brand can be greatly shaped by a PR campaign.