September 2010

A PR agency protects a brand as well as builds it up

A PR agency is not just for making people aware of your company and building a brand, it’s also for dealing with any problems that you may face or any situations that are likely to damage your reputation in any way. Usually, an incident or circumstance can arrive completely unexpectedly and threaten your reputation or how the public perceives you. This happened recently to an extremely strong brand – The X Factor.

In-house PR vs a PR agency

A lot of companies which hire someone to come in and take charge of the PR for their firm, soon find that they are completely out of their depth. Someone brought in to work for a company in their PR department will not have the contacts, knowledge or reputation that a PR agency will have built up. A PR agency, on the other hand, will have worked on projects similar to yours and will therefore have a head start on anyone within your company who tries to run a PR campaign. Experience, contacts and knowledge aren’t the only things that put a PR agency ahead of an internal PR department.