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PR agency banter: 5 things you need to know about PR case studies

There’s been a fascinating thread about case studies on one of the marketing social groups on LinkedIn recently. It has brought into focus several of the problems that Potion as a PR agency often encounters when discussing PR case studies with clients, so I thought I would share the thoughts that arose here:

How social media can be used for damage control

A huge number of businesses and organisations these days are taking advantage of the many PR opportunities available with social media. Using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube, companies are able to interact with existing and potential customers in a completely new way. Along with interaction and promotion, however, social media can also be used as a method of damage control in the face of a potential PR disaster. An example of this would be if a very public mistake was made, or news of a potential scandal is reportedly about to break.

Always trust a PR agency

He’s certainly in charge in the kitchen, but Gordon Ramsay should probably take a step back when it comes to his PR because it seems like he’s making a few wrong decisions at the moment. The celebrity chef has been hitting the headlines recently about the fall-out between him and his in-laws after he sacked his father-in-law who was CEO of his empire. There have been extremely bitter exchanges going back and forth over the past few weeks but, in PR terms, it was Gordon’s open letter to his mother-in-law which could end up doing the most damage. Discussing incredibly personal family ma

21 Pillars of Public Relations - Part 1

The first in a series of 4 articles outlining a practical list of 21 public relations pillars which typify most PR programmes, no matter what type.

Choosing the right PR agency for you

When you are employing a PR agency it’s important to ensure that you are getting the right one for your needs. Different PR companies specialise in different things so you need to carry out some research and ensure that the PR agency that you have chosen offers the services that you need. Some PR companies are better at representing established companies and others are good at launching new companies. A PR agency completely understands your needs and they will get to know your company and how it operates.

Dealing with journalists

Journalists are a tricky bunch. As well as being incredibly busy, they can sometimes be pessimistic people who you have to work hard to convince that you have a story that they want. But when you’re running a business, you don’t always have time to be chasing journalists and ensuring that they have received your story. And this is where a public relations agency can help. A PR consultancy is able to communicate with journalists as they have a deeper knowledge of what they’re looking for as well as an understanding of what they want.

Making an interview work for you as well as the journalist

The prospect of being interviewed by a journalist can be really daunting and scary. But with the help of your PR consultancy, you can really spin the interview around and look at it as a way of improving your image and getting your message across. Your PR agency can prepare you for the interview and tell you exactly how to handle the journalist and how to handle the interview. How you do this will depend on the type of interview it is and what it is for. Rather than focussing on what the journalist wants, look at the interview as a way of getting what you want.
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