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PR lesson: Mattel dropped the ball on Barbie

Here’s a key lesson Mattel learned after not carefully monitoring social media pages: when you snooze you lose.

In January, a Facebook page advocating a bald Barbie went viral. The page went from a few likes to over 100,000.

This is when Mattel should’ve stepped in. Instead they sat by for four months.  They issued no statement. It looks as though Mattel’s PR agency didn’t know what was going on.

Has Andrew Marr damaged his reputation?

Has Marr handled his PR crisis well after confessing that he has in the past sought and been granted a super injunction to prevent a past extramarital affair coming to light?Today’s newspaper and TV revelations feature Andrew Marr, the engaging BBC political presenter and former editor of the Independent newspaper.  In what seems a surprising confession, he has told us that he has in the past sought and been granted a super injunction (popularly known as a gag order) to prevent any hints of a past extramarital affair coming to light.  In confessing he cites the uneas

Cameron keeping his eye on PR surrounding Libya action

David Cameron recently announced that British forces were in action over Libya. He announced that he thought the decision to take action was ‘necessary, legal and right’ and plenty of people agreed with him. Cameron pointed out that Gaddafi had been practicing brutality with his people and it this way, his image was created as someone who was dispensing justice. However, the more difficult times in public relations terms are yet to come.

Rihanna creates a media storm in suspected PR stunt

For someone so young, popstar Rihanna certainly knows how to get attention. She’s no stranger to controversy but her most recent PR stunt has just been exposed as just that. Rihanna has just released a song called S&M but she was recently informed by one of her fans on Twitter that Radio 1 had renamed the track Come On and had censored some of the words in the song. Rihanna replied to the fan insinuating that she was shocked and wasn’t aware that this had been done. She also said that she wasn’t happy about the changes made.

A risk to social network PR

Over the past few years, PR agency staff have become increasingly reliant on social media to get their client names and messages heard by the wider audience. But there is a chance that public relations professionals will have to reconsider their reliance on social media after William Hague revealed that Britain was under a cyber attack. According to reports, Hague told the Munich Security Conference in Germany that Britain was under attack.

Kraft benefit from PR after hiring homeless man

Some PR opportunities that come along become much more effective and powerful than if you were to work hard trying to create a successful PR stunt or situation. And that is what a PR agency is there to recognise. They will know which opportunities to pounce on in order to get the most effective results. Kraft Foods have just benefitted from a huge PR opportunity in the form of Ted Williams; a homeless radio announcer. A clip of Ted Williams, a homeless man with an amazing radio voice was the first YouTube clip of 2011 to really cause a stir.

Miliband has great PR sense

Successful PR is all about seizing the right opportunity at the right time. It’s also about doing this in the most effective way. That’s something that Ed Miliband knows all about as he has just managed to do the Labour party a huge favour in terms of its PR success.

Avoiding the dangers of social media

For PR professionals across the world, the explosion of social media onto the scene has provided a new way of communicating and it has proved to be a powerful one. But what all public relations professionals will realise is that with this power comes a danger; which is why when it comes to social media, you should think before you speak. Some businesses have become a little carried away with sites such as Twitter. They ‘tweet’ the tiniest of updates in the hope that they will get their name ‘out there’.

OFT raps PR professionals over Twitter tactics

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has warned PR professionals to alter the way in which they use blogging and social media platforms such as Twitter. The warning comes after the OFT took enforcement action against one commercial blogging network, after it was found that it had breached fair trading rules by not disclosing which posts and updates were sponsored. Social media can be a great tool for PR agencies, but the OFT warns that public relations officers (PROs) need to take extra care when using it to ensure that they are being open and honest with consumers.

Vodafone shies away from proactive PR in tax-avoidance protest controversy

The communications chief at telecommunications company Vodafone has revealed that he will not be proactively engaging with protestors who claim that the company has been let off a substantial tax bill. The protests by tax-avoidance campaigners started a few weeks ago, after it was alleged that Vodafone had been let off an unpaid tax bill of approximately £6 billion. Clothing chain Topshop has also been targeted by angry campaigners. Vodafone denied the allegations when the protests started in October and November, but the story still doesn’t seem to be going away.
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